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Moving more is on my agenda for the coming year. But being a busy mum with little free time to myself I’m not really sure how this is going to happen. Luckily my wonderful friend Rory, a personal trainer at Rory Brown Fitness, has come to my rescue.

Here he explains how he is going to help me & you to achieve our fitness goals…

Rory Brown

“Being a mum is both a wonderful and challenging experience. A combination of sleepless nights, crying babies and a seemingly endless list of things to do, it comes as no surprise so many women struggle to fit in time to look after themselves.

I get asked a lot by mums who want to know what they can do in the way of exercising at home with a little one on board. It can seem a near impossible feat, the thought of dedicating time each day with so much else that needs to be done – but ladies fear not! I have the solution.

I want us to consider a couple of things that will kick start your journey to becoming the ultimate yummy mummy.

The first thing is something called NEAT  (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). NEAT refers to the calories you burn during activity that isn’t categorised as exercise, things like walking up and down the stairs, playing with the kids, or even just standing.

Surprisingly enough – you burn way more calories through NEAT than through exercising an hour a day at the gym. This is great news for people who just don’t have the time to get to the gym and in most mothers cases, simply want to be more active to help with weight management. The key is move more!

I spent this last summer wearing a FitBit and it was a great motivator for me to track how many steps I was doing. I set myself a target of 10,000 per day and saw it as a personal challenge to complete this daily. The smallest of things made the biggest difference. Rather than driving 5 minutes to the shops I would walk, I’d use stairs instead of lifts, any
excuse to get myself going I’d be there.

I love walking. I think its great for the mind and the body, and it’s still something I do on a daily basis. With winter on the way, why not wrap up warm and get out with baby on a nice morning walk? Start with 15-20 minutes each day and build from there.

Next thing I want to clear up is you don’t have to spend hours exercising. I will always say something is better than nothing. Make the most of baby nap times. Got a 10-15 minute window? Great, use it! Consider routines that use only your own body weight like squats, hip thrusts, press-ups and planks, you certainly don’t need fancy equipment to build up a sweat and your mind and body will thank you for it.

On January the 9th 2017, I will be launching my new online 10 week body transformation coaching programme SPECIFICALLY designed for busy women like YOU.

The course is designed to educate and empower you with the knowledge you need to succeed. We look at mindset, achieving goals, emotional and binge eating, and the foundations with which to build a sustainable diet on.

Each week I will be uploading an online workout video for you to do from the comfort of your own home. The workouts will be based around body weight exercises, and the routines designed to strengthen the entire body. Fear not, if you are new to exercise or have some experience under your belt, these sessions will have you working at your own pace. With up to 3 different levels of intensity, it’s a great way to build you fitness over the 10 weeks.

This is a real opportunity to make 2017 your year.”

The Next Step

Rory & I will be working together for the length of the course & I’d love for you to join us. I’m going to be sharing my progress with you weekly here on the blog. It’d be great if you would share your journey with me so we can motivate each other.

Rory will be doing an exclusive early bird offer available from 12th December simply click here to sign up. The whole course will be on offer for £120 which is only £1.72 a day – a lot less than any shakes or pills you can take!

You can find Rory at or on Facebook & Instagram for an insight into his work.


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