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On Sunday 4th December I had the opportunity to attend a Christmas wreath making workshop held by the lovely Mumma’s & More & the ladies from Swaffham & Fakenham Florists (who also happened to do my wedding flowers). Mr L had Ella for a few hours so I could really get to grips with it all & relax for a few hours.

The venue for the afternoon was an area high up in the south transept of Ely Cathedral. From the ground you’d have never even known we were there. Hidden away we had an amazing view across the nave as the light moved through the breath-taking stained glass windows, while the Christmas tree was receiving its final touches in time for Evensong.

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Each of us was given a wire wreath ring, these are available very cheaply at good craft/florist’s suppliers, & had to tie moss all the way round. This creates a great base to fix your foliage to & is a nicer alternative to florists oasis that makes me cringe if it touch it.

Christmas Wreath Workshop Moss
My moss covered ring!

The next step was to attached the foliage to your wreath. To do this I gathered up bundles of foliage & held them to my ring as I wrapped florist’s wire tightly around the stems. Each bundle slightly overlaps the previous so you can’t see any gaps. We each had a choice of lots of different types of foliage including ivy, holly, eucalyptus, conifer & frosted pine. After a few bundles I found myself getting more obsessed with trying to find the perfect pieces as I strived to make a Pinterest worthy wreath.

Christmas Wreath Workshop Eucalyptus
A beautiful bundle Red Eucalyptus, Frosted Pine, Conifer & variegated Ivy.

After the ring was covered with the bundles you had a gorgeous Christmas wreath. But it was now time to add the decorations to really bring my Christmas wreath to life.

Each of us could choose up to 15 items from a selection of dried oranges & limes, cinnamon sticks, baubles, pine cones & twigs. There was also a vast choice of spray paints, glitter & spray on snow that we could us to further embellish our wreaths.

I went for ‘natural’ items but decided to use twigs & pinecones sprayed with rose gold, partly to highlight the already sprayed red eucalyptus & partly because I’m a sucker for anything rose gold!!

Christmas Wreath Workshop Cinnamon
Cinnamon Sticks.
Christmas Wreath Workshop Pine Cones
Rose Gold Pine Cones.

Each item had to be individually wired & attached to the wreath by pushing it through the bundles & moss. I challenge you to try thread florist’s wire through a dried lime, it’s not as easy as you may think.

Lastly I had to select my ribbon & tie it in a very elaborate bow. I would share how to do this, but its fifty percent top-secret & fifty percent so complicated that I don’t think I could ever do it again!

If I thought I was being arty with bundles I underestimated how fussy I could be about cinnamon sticks! But after much deliberation & rearranging I was so pleased with my completed wreath, I’ve now decided that floristry┬áis obviously my calling…

Christmas Wreath Workshop Wreath

I would like to thank the gorgeous Emily from Mumma’s & More, as usual she was up to her normal tricks by making sure there were plenty of sweet treats & mulled wine to keep our energy levels up during the workshop. And also to the amazing Michelle & Megan from the florists who took us through the process step by step, helping where needed (mainly threading limes & tying bows) & generally being their brilliantly creative selves.

As the workshop went on the choir were rehearsing for Evensong & the Christmas tree was being decorated. The ambience of the Cathedral was overwhelming & it felt really special & festive to be working on our wreaths in such an atmosphere. I am super proud of my new-found Christmas wreath making skills & will definitely be having another go next year after raiding the garden with secateurs in hand!!


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