Kindness At Christmas – Nappy Donations

This year I’ve been inspired by the kindness advent calendar put together by Lauren from Dilan & Me. I must admit I haven’t been able to follow it every day because there are days where Ella & I simply don’t make it out of the house!

However, I have taken ideas from it & implemented them where possible. I went to Starbucks on my way to the Wreath making workshop & rather than buying my usual size coffee I bought two smaller ones and suspended one of them for someone else and my Christmas cards (not that I’ve written them yet!) are all in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease Association – a charity close to our family’s heart. It’s surprising how much kindness you can squeeze into your day even if it just feeding the plumber & plasterer gingerbread men!

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My Fitness Journey with Rory Brown Fitness

Moving more is on my agenda for the coming year. But being a busy mum with little free time to myself I’m not really sure how this is going to happen. Luckily my wonderful friend Rory, a personal trainer at Rory Brown Fitness, has come to my rescue.

Here he explains how he is going to help me & you to achieve our fitness goals…

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Easy Gingerbread in Seven Simple Steps!

I love to bake but don’t get to do it quite as often as I would like. That’s why I love this super quick & easy gingerbread recipe. The dough can be used for all sorts of festive biscuits, stars, trees or even a gingerbread house!

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Christmas Wreath Making Workshop

On Sunday 4th December I had the opportunity to attend a Christmas wreath making workshop held by the lovely Mumma’s & More & the ladies from Swaffham & Fakenham Florists (who also happened to do my wedding flowers). Mr L had Ella for a few hours so I could really get to grips with it all & relax for a few hours.

The venue for the afternoon was an area high up in the south transept of Ely Cathedral. From the ground you’d have never even known we were there. Hidden away we had an amazing view across the nave as the light moved through the breath-taking stained glass windows, while the Christmas tree was receiving its final touches in time for Evensong.

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Five Christmas Traditions For Ella

I underestimated how important Christmas traditions were to me until this year. With it being Ella’s first Christmas our little unit feels like a proper family. She’s too young to understand anything this year but I still feel strongly about starting as we mean to go on.

I don’t want Ella growing up thinking that Christmas is purely about being given presents. Here the Christmas traditions that we will be continuing or starting for Ella…

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My Christmas Wish List

Mr L & I tend to only get each other one present every year – he’s usually pretty good at it, mainly because I drop hints far enough in advance for him. This year my subtle hint comes in the form of this Christmas wish list. He’s learnt to pay attention after an incident involving a watercolour painting of a cathedral which I will never let him forget. It’s also my birthday just after Christmas so I tend to get really lucky & get one larger present instead of two smaller ones.

So Mr L, if you’re reading this here’s a few things that I would be more than happy with – you choose!

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Why I’m In Love With The iCandy Peach All Terrain

We killed our first pushchair. Or rather Morse did. To be fair it was a very well-loved second-hand iCandy Peach that had done a lot of mileage. It just couldn’t hack the Labrador sledding it had to endure. So we went shopping and decided to upgrade to the iCandy Peach All Terrain.

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Women’s Watch Review – JORD Wood Watches

With so many appointments, baby groups, contractors working on the house & counting the hours until daddy is home I realised I didn’t have a watch to keep track of the time. When the opportunity came up to review a women’s watch from JORD Wood Watches I just couldn’t say no! Continue reading “Women’s Watch Review – JORD Wood Watches”

High Street Clothing Haul – Breastfeeding Friendly for Autumn

So I finally decided to go shopping for my autumn wardrobe as my maternity clothes are all too big (Hurrah!) & my pre-baby wardrobe was mainly work clothes & isn’t breastfeeding friendly. The only thing I’d like to point out to you is that I’m 5’ 11” tall so the high street is a bit of a minefield for me. So here’s my high street clothing hall for Autumn! Continue reading “High Street Clothing Haul – Breastfeeding Friendly for Autumn”

Make Your Own Nursing Vest!

Here I’ll show you how in under 10 minutes you can turn any thin strapped vest into a nursing vest. It allows you to feed easily without stretching your vest or revealing your midriff. The best type of vest for this are the ones that have a little bit of stretch in them so they stay up when you cut the strap off. And you don’t need to be any good at sewing! Continue reading “Make Your Own Nursing Vest!”