Red Lipstick- My Top Five Favourites.


Red lipstick, concealer & a bit of mascara is all I wear some days – it’s my ultimate go-to mum makeup. I might not feel ready to face the day & I certainly can’t have a stiff drink to sort myself out (the downside to breastfeeding!) but I can at least make myself look like I can handle life; even if I’m really not.

I own more red lipstick than I probably should & certainly more than Mr L knows about. But they’re all in my collection for a reason. Here I’ve whittled it down to my five favourites. Some of these are long-standing & some are new but I’m always open to more suggestions. What are your favourites? Continue reading “Red Lipstick- My Top Five Favourites.”

Mumma’s Make Up Survival Kit

The biggest difference to my life in the last 2 months is time. Suddenly there is a distinct lack of it. My beautiful little lady takes up 99.9% of my time leaving a minuscule amount to try & do everything I used to do before her arrival including putting a bit of make up on!

Here are my favourite products that are in my make up arsenal: Continue reading “Mumma’s Make Up Survival Kit”